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Treos Bio Ltd., a London-based company developing precision peptide cancer vaccines coupled with companion diagnostics, has enlisted Pharmaceutical Product Development LLC to manage a phase I trial of PolyPEPI-1018, its lead vaccine for colorectal cancer. Once an investigational new drug application the company is filing is accepted, the trial is expected to start by late January 2018.

HONG KONG – Research in T-cell therapy has been gaining momentum, with biotech giants like Gilead Sciences Inc. keenly investing in the area. Meanwhile, Lion TCR Pte. Ltd., a smaller company based in Singapore, is also seeing progress with its T-cell therapy treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Nanology LLC's strategy is "almost like having a new molecular entity, in terms of the broadness of the [IP] around it, but on a more streamlined path to potential approval" if safety and efficacy pan out, Marc Iacobucci noted. 

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