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Working toward a universal test

The FDA has approved the Oncomine Dx Target Test from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the first test of its kind to screen tumor samples for biomarkers associated with multiple cancer therapies, in this case for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

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Clearing senescent cells, restoring progenitor stem cells to reverse age-related disease

SAN DIEGO – Nobody wants to get old. Health declines, disease increases and insurance costs skyrocket. But what if researchers could slow the process at the cellular level, reverting stem cells to their youthful state, or clearing senescent cells, a hallmark of advanced years?

Two companies working in the space presented their research at the BIO convention during a session titled "Reimagine Old Age: New Frontiers in the Science of Aging."

The aging process involves a loss of homeostasis, with messy DNA and reduced gene expression.READ MORE »


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