Deal title Principal company Partner company Value (US$M) Start date


3P to develop and manufacture Zhittya’s FGF-1 for clinical studies against Parkinson’s disease 3P Biopharmaceuticlas SL Zhittya Regenerative Medicine Inc. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
4D pharma and Merck to discover and develop live biotherapeutics as vaccines in up to three undisclosed indications 4D pharma plc Merck & Co. Inc. $1,047.50 10/8/19
Reata Pharmaceuticals agreed to pay Abbvie $330M plus royalties to reacquire ex-U.S. development, manufacturing and commercialization rights for the Nrf2 activators bardoxolone methyl and omaveloxolone, as well as other next-generation candidates Abbvie Inc. Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc. $330.00 10/10/19
Disc Medicine to develop Abbvie's series of hemojuvelin antagonist monoclonal antibodies for anemia worldwide Abbvie Inc. Disc Medicine Payment unspecified 10/29/19
Abzena to manufacture Sonnet Biotherapeutics' SON-1010 for solid tumor Abzena plc Sonnet Biotherapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 10/22/19
EPI Health to acquire Aclaris Therapeutics' worldwide intellectual property rights related to Rhofade for the treatment persistent facial erythema Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. EPI Health LLC $55.00 10/10/19
Emerge Health to distribute and commercialize Adamis Pharmaceuticals' Symjepi (epinephrine) in Australia and New Zealand Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Emerge Health Pty. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Indivior to provide Addex Therapeutics with an additional $800,000 to accelerate research progress in their collaboration to develop further oral gamma-aminobutyric acid subtype B positive allosteric modulator compounds for the treatment of addiction Addex Therapeutics Ltd. Indivior plc $0.80 10/8/19
Pfizer to develop Akcea Therapeutics' AKCEA-ANGPTL3-LRx against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases worldwide Akcea Therapeutics Inc. Pfizer Inc. $1,550.00 10/7/19
Aldevron to provide GMP manufacturing capacity for PTC's gene therapy against Friedreich ataxia and Angelman syndrome programs Aldevron LLC PTC Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 10/7/19
Pharmbio Korea to commercialize Alvogen's Teriparatide for osteoporosis in South Korea Alvogen Inc. Pharmbio Korea Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Kamada to commercialize Alvogen's Teriparatide for osteoporosis in Israel Alvogen Inc. Kamada Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Jamp Pharma to commercialize Alvogen's Teriparatide for osteoporosis in Canada Alvogen Inc. Jamp Pharma Corp. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Emerald Organic Growth to develop and commercialize Amarantus Biosciences' eltoprazine, engineered skin substitute, mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor against Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson’s, skin burns and vision loss worldwide Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Inc. Emerald Organic Products Inc. $100.00 10/24/19
Novocodex to develop and commercialize Ambrx's ARX-305 for CD70-positive cancers in China Ambrx Inc. Novocodex Biopharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Amerisourcebergen to provide dispensing and distribution services to Karyopharm's Xpovio against relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma Amerisourcebergen Drug Corp. Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Beigene and Amgen to develop and commercialize oncology drugs worldwide, including China Amgen Inc. Beigene Co. Ltd. $3,984.00 10/31/19
Stallergenes and Anergis to evaluate the effects of the second-generation virosome-based continuous overlapping peptides allergen immunotherapy from Greer in a therapeutic model of birch allergy in mice Anergis SA Stallergenes Greer plc Payment unspecified 10/17/19
Applied Genetic Technologies and Otonomy to co-develop and co-commercialize AAV-based gene therapy for sensorineural hearing loss Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. Otonomy Inc. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Puretech Health plc acquired the remaining 10% minority interests in Ariya Therapeutics Inc. Ariya Therapeutics Inc. Puretech Health plc Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Editas and Asklepios to develop AAV vector delivery of genome editing medicines to treat neurological diseases Asklepios Biopharmaceutical Inc. Editas Medicine Inc. Payment unspecified 10/15/19
ASM Aerosol to provide manufacturing and supply services for Foamix’s Amzeeq and FMX-103 ASM Aerosol-Service AG Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Daiichi to acquire Astellas' Nasea, Perdipine and Oldeca for emesis and hypertension in Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Taiwan Astellas Pharma Inc. Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd. $88.44 10/15/19
Cheplapharm Arzneimittel to commercialize Astrazeneca's Losec worldwide, excluding China, Japan, the U.S. and Mexico Astrazeneca plc Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH $276.00 10/1/19
Imaginab and Astrazeneca to evaluate the utility and value of Imaginab's CD8 ImmunoPET technology in immuno-oncology drug development Astrazeneca plc Imaginab Inc. Payment unspecified 10/14/19
Cheplapharm to commercialize Astrazeneca's Seroquel and Seroquel XR for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in Europe and Russia Astrazeneca plc Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH $239.00 10/30/19
Telix Pharmaceuticals and Aushealth to develop new therapeutics using molecularly targeted radiation platform for lung and ovarian cancer Aushealth Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. $20.97 10/29/19
Avacta to use its Affimer technology with pyrrolobenzodiazepine-based warhead and linker technologies to generate drug conjugates for cancer Avacta Group plc ADC Therapeutics SA Payment unspecified 10/10/19
Aytu and Validus to co-promote Zolpimist for insomnia in the U.S. Aytu Bioscience Inc. Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Ginkgo Bioworks to use Berkeley Lights' optofluidic platform to develop development workflow for synthetic biology products Berkeley Lights Inc. Ginkgo Bioworks $150.00 10/1/19
Bioglan to manufacture Lobsor Pharmaceuticals' Lecigon for Parkinson's disease in Europe Bioglan AB Lobsor Pharmaceuticals AB Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Allievex to develop Biomarin's tralesinidase alfa for MPS IIIB or Sanfilippo Syndrome Type B Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Allievex Corp. Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Basf and Biomillenia to identify dermocosmetic active ingredients for skin health Biomillenia SAS Basf SE Payment unspecified 10/7/19
Q Biomed to enter settlement agreement with Bionucleonics to complete the outright acquisition of the non-opioid cancer bone pain drug strontium-89 chloride USP Bionucleonics Inc. Q Biomed Inc. Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Ipsen to develop and commercialize Blueprint's BLU-782 for fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva worldwide Blueprint Medicines Corp. Ipsen $535.00 10/16/19
Cycle Pharmaceuticals to use Catalent's Zydis technologies to develop formulations targeting rare metabolic and neurological disorders Catalent Inc. Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/31/19
Celmatix and Evotec to discover and develop preclinical programs for women's reproductive health Celmatix Inc. Evotec SE Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Aytu Bioscience acquires Cerecor's Pediatric Portfolio Cerecor Inc. Aytu Bioscience Inc. $43.00 10/10/19
Cesca and Healthbanks to form joint venture Immunecyte Life Sciences to commercialize CAR-Txpress for use in immune cell banking, cell-based contract development and manufacturing services Cesca Therapeutics Inc. Healthbanks Biotech USA Inc. Payment unspecified 10/22/19
Bausch Health to develop and commercialize Clearside's Xipere for macular edema associated with uveitis in the U.S. and Canada Clearside Biomedical Inc. Bausch Health Companies Inc. $20.00 10/23/19
Regenxbio to pay $2M for exercising its option to license Clearside Biomedical's SCS Microinjector Clearside Biomedical Inc. Regenxbio Inc. $2.00 10/30/19
Clinigen Group launched a managed access program to provide Progenics Pharmaceuticals' Azedra (iobenguane I 131) outside the U.S. Clinigen Group plc Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/10/19
Cmab Biopharma to provide development and manufacturing services for BJ Bioscience's BJ-005 to suppport IND requirements of China and the US Cmab Biopharma Inc. BJ Bioscience Inc. Payment unspecified 10/11/19
Cobra Biologics to manufacture Combigene’s CG-01 for clinical studies in epilepsy and commercial production Cobra Biologics Holding AB Combigene Ab $0.16 10/14/19
Kitov Pharma amended the marketing and distribution agreement with Coeptis Pharmaceuticals for commercialization of Consensi for the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis and amlodipine besylate for hypertension Coeptis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Kitov Pharma Ltd. $99.50 10/11/19
Redhill Biopharma to commercialize Cosmo's Aemcolo for Traveler’s Diarrhea in the U.S. Cosmo Pharmaceuticals NV Redhill Biopharma Ltd. $112.00 10/18/19
Takeda Pharmaceutical acquired an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize CNP-101/TAK-101 from Cour Pharmaceutical Development Cour Pharmaceutical Development Co. Inc. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. $420.00 10/22/19
Sundial Growers to use Crescita's transdermal delivery technologies to develop topicals containing cannabis and hemp worldwide Crescita Therapeutics Inc. Sundial Growers Inc. Payment unspecified 10/28/19
Cryoport to provide temperature-controlled logistics solutions to Adaptimmune's ADP-A2M4CD8 to treat cancer Cryoport Inc. Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Servier acquires CTI Biopharma's Pixuvri CTI Biopharma Corp. Servier Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Axcella Health to use Cytoo's Myoscreen for development of novel Axa candidates against dysregulated muscle metabolism Cytoo SA Axcella Health Inc. Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Parexel and Datavant to enable the connection of real-world data across all clinical trials by combining standard data workflow with connectivity technology Datavant Parexel International Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Dicerna and Roche to develop DCR-HBVS and oligonucleotide therapeutics for HBV infection worldwide Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. Roche Holding AG $1,670.00 10/30/19
Elevar and Neopharma to form 50/50 joint venture for commercialization of rivoceranib for gastric cancer in Middle East and North Africa and India Elevar Therapeutics Neopharma Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Emerson to manufacture Biokier’s BKR-017 in type 1 diabetes patients Emerson Resources Inc. Biokier Inc. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Undislcosed company to research, develop and commercialize nucleic acid therapies using Entos' Fusogenix non-viral delivery technology Entos Pharmaceuticals Inc. Undisclosed $109.00 10/2/19
Exagen to support clinical study of Horizon’s pegloticase with methotrexate using Avise MTX test Exagen Diagnostics Inc. Horizon Therapeutics plc Payment unspecified 10/24/19
Excelera to distribute Pfizer’s Vyndaqel and Vyndamax for transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy Excelerarx Corp. Pfizer Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Adaptate Biotherapeutics spins out from Gammadelta Therapeutics to focus on gamma delta T-cell-based cell therapy products Gammadelta Therapeutics Ltd. Adaptate Biotherapeutics Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/16/19
GC Pharma to market Merck's Glucophage for diabetes in Korea GC Pharma Ltd. Merck Biopharma Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/11/19
Bavarian Nordic to acquire Glaxosmithkline's Rabipur and Encepur against rabies and tick-borne encephalitis worldwide Glaxosmithkline plc Bavarian Nordic A/S $884.83 10/21/19
Glenmark Holding to spin-off Ichnos Sciences for development of five clinical-stage assets in oncology, autoimmune disease and pain using bispecific antibodies based on the T-cell receptor platform Glenmark Holding SA Ichnos Sciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/15/19
Gilead to use Glympse’s Glympse Inside biomarkers to study treatments in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis patients Glympse Bio Inc. Gilead Sciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/28/19
Great Bay Bio and Guangzhou Boji Medical to form joint venture to develop GBB-101 against anemia Guangzhou Boji Medical & Biotechnological Co. Ltd. Great Bay Bio Payment unspecified 10/18/19
Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH) to spinout Legion Pharma for the development of anti-tuberculosis therapies discovered through a partnership between the University of Birmingham and GIBH Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health Legion Pharma Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Leadxpro and Lundbeck to research on small molecule structure-based drug discovery of membrane protein targets H Lundbeck A/S Leadxpro AG Payment unspecified 10/7/19
Medavate to acquire Neocart assets from Histogenics Histogenics Corp. Medavate Corp. $7.00 5/8/19
Hitgen to discover small molecule therapeutics for Galapagos' targets Hitgen Ltd. Galapagos NV Payment unspecified 10/16/19
Shionogi and Hsiri Therapeutics to research and develop therapeutics for nontuberculous mycobacterial diseases and tuberculosis Hsiri Therapeutics Inc. Shionogi & Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/11/19
Foundation Medicine to support Ideaya's phase I/II clinical trial of IDE-196 against metastatic uveal melanoma by enabling the Foundationone CDx genomic approach Ideaya Biosciences Inc. Foundation Medicine Inc. Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Immugenyx LLC partnered with an undisclosed global pharmaceutical company to develop humanized mice as a tool for drug development and testing Immugenyx LLC Undisclosed global pharmaceutical company $0.08 10/23/19
Alexion to acquire Immune Pharma's bertilimumab for inflammatory diseases Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Ph Pharma and Immunome to discover and develop antibody drug conjugates against oncology targets Immunome Inc. Ph Pharma Co. Ltd. $100.00 10/21/19
Innovent Biologics and Hutchison China Meditech expanded the agreement testing sintilimab and surufatinib in solid tumors Innovent Biologics Inc. Hutchison China Meditech Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/10/19
Insilico Medicine and Jiangsu Chia Tai Fenghai Pharmaceutical to develop therapeutics against triple-negative breast cancer using artificial intelligence drug discovery platform Insilico Medicine Inc. Jiangsu Zhengda Fenghai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. $200.00 10/9/19
Chemdiv and Insilico Medicine to provide drug discovery solutions by combining artificial intelligence techniques with an integrated drug discovery shared risk platform Insilico Medicine Inc. Chemdiv Inc. Payment unspecified 10/16/19
Akero and Insphero to characterize the effects of AKR-001 on liver cells using three-dimensional insight human liver disease platform for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Insphero AG Akero Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Neptune Wellness and IFF to codevelop hemp derived cannabidiol products in the U.S. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Roche to evaluate the Inxmed's IN-10018 in combination with Cobimetinib against melanoma Inxmed (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Roche Holding AG Payment unspecified 10/17/19
ITG Isotope Technologies Garching to enter supply agreement with Nordic Nanovector for the medical radioisotope no-carrier-added Lutetium-177 (177Lu) endolucinbeta to support research and development, clinical and commercial supply of Betalutin ITG Isotope Technologies Garching GmbH Nordic Nanovector ASA Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Neumentum to develop Janssen's JNJ-10450232 for pain worldwide Janssen Pharmaceutica NV Neumentum Inc. Payment unspecified 10/10/19
Seneca Biopharma to enter non-binding term sheet to develop and commercialize Qyuns Therapeutics' monoclonal antibodies to treat autoimmune diseases worldwide Jiangsu Qyuns Therapeutics Co. Ltd. Seneca Biopharma Inc. Payment unspecified 10/30/19
Jubilant Radiopharma to distribute Q Biomed's Metastron for cancer pain in the U.S. Jubilant Radiopharma Q Biomed Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Biocon to develop and commercialize Just Evotec's biosimilar asset Just-Evotec Biologics Biocon Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/10/19
Crispr and KSQ to use intellectual property related to cell therapy programs for editing gene targets identified using Crispromics for oncology KSQ Therapeutics Crispr Therapeutics AG Payment unspecified 10/15/19
Lannett to distribute Respirent's generic Advair Diskus for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the U.S. Lannett Co. Inc. Respirent Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Leo Pharma and Foamix Pharmaceuticals settled patent litigation related to Finacea with Teva Leo Pharma A/S Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Lonza Biologics to manufacture Cellectis SA's allogeneic universal CAR T-cell candidates targeting hematological malignancies Lonza Biologics Cellectis SA Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Lonza Group to manufacture Prevail Therapeutics' PR-001 and PR-006 for neurodegenerative disease Lonza Group AG Prevail Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Lonza Group to manufacture Mesoblast's remestemcel-L for pediatric steroid-refractory acute graft-vs.-host disease Lonza Group AG Mesoblast Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/17/19
GSK to use Lyell’s technologies to enhance benefit/risk profile of cancer cell therapies Lyell Immunopharma Inc. Glaxosmithkline plc Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Sotio to receive an option to codevelop Maverix’s MVX-5005 and related compounds for cancer in Europe Maverix Oncology Inc. Sotio AS $138.00 10/14/19
Editas to use Maxcyte's technology and instruments to develop engineered cell medicines for cancer and hematological diseases Maxcyte Inc. Editas Medicine Inc. Payment unspecified 10/7/19
MB Research Labs to conduct IND studies for Nanoviricides' NV-HHV-101 in dermal sensitization and ocular irritation Mb Research Laboratories Inc. Nanoviricides Inc. Payment unspecified 10/31/19
Aetion to integrate Evidence Platform with Mckesson's Iknowmed for oncology research Mckesson Corp. Aetion Inc. Payment unspecified 10/15/19
Medicasafe to provide Amneal's generic version of Suboxone through data-generating medication system for opioid dependence Medicasafe Inc. Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Medigen to use Medinet's immune cell Gamma Delta T cell to develop cell therapies against cancer in Taiwan Medinet Co. Ltd. Medigen Biotechnology Corp. Payment unspecified 10/7/19
Immunoqure and Memo Therapeutics to develop autoantibodies from APS-1 memory B cells using Dropzylla technology Memo Therapeutics AG Immunoqure Ag Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Novartis to use Microsoft data and Artificial Intelligence to transform medicine Microsoft Corp. Novartis AG Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Abbott to commercialize Mithra's Myring for contraception in China Mithra Pharmaceuticals Abbott Laboratories Payment unspecified 10/14/19
Mayne to use and commercialize Mithra's Estelle as a contraceptive in the U.S. Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA Mayne Pharma Group Ltd. $295.00 10/1/19
Dong Koo to commercialize Moberg's MOB-015 against onychomycosis in Republic of Korea Moberg Pharma AB Dong Koo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/21/19
Orphan Pacific to commercialize MSD's Diazoxide for hypoglycemia in Japan MSD Japan Orphan Pacific Inc. Payment unspecified 10/15/19
Gedeon Richter to develop and commercialize Mycovia's VT-1161 for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries Mycovia Pharmaceuticals Inc. Gedeon Richter plc Payment unspecified 10/16/19
Next Oncology to provide PDX models to Crown Bioscience for preclinical drug development against cancer Next Oncology Inc. Crown Bioscience Inc. Payment unspecified 10/28/19
Yakult Honsha to co-promote Nihon Servier's liposomal irinotecan against pancreatic cancer in Japan Nihon Servier Co. Ltd. Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Recordati to acquire Novartis' Signifor, Signifor LAR and LCI-699 for Cushing’s disease and acromegaly Novartis AG Recordati SpA $390.00 10/23/19
Eyevance Pharmaceuticals acquired Tobradex ST for steroid-responsive inflammatory ocular conditions and Natacyn (natamycin ophthalmic suspension) 5%, for the treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis from Novartis AG Novartis AG Eyevance Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/17/19
Bluebird Bio and Novo Nordisk to develop in vivo genome editing therapies for hemophilia and severe genetic diseases Novo Nordisk A/S Bluebird Bio Inc. Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Eisai and Numab to discover and develop multi-specific antibody immunotherapies for cancer using Numab’s Match platform worldwide Numab Therapeutics AG Eisai Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/1/19
Oncosec Medical to receive a $30M investment from Grand Decade Developments in exchange for an exclusive license to develop, manufacture, commercialize Oncosec’s current and future products, including Tavo and Visceral Lesion Applicator (VLA), in greater China and 35 other Asian countries Oncosec Medical Inc. Grand Decade Developments Ltd. $30.00 10/11/19
Veriton to commercialize Orphelia Pharma's Kigabeq for infantile spasms in the U.K. Orphelia Pharma SA Veriton Pharma Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/29/19
Ovizio to supply Iline F microscope and Bioconnect system to Celgene to automate the manufacturing of engineered T-cell investigational products Ovizio Imaging Systems Nv/Sa Celgene Corp. Payment unspecified 10/22/19
Pandion and Astellas to develop and commercialize immunomodulators for type 1 diabetes and multiple pancreatic autoimmune worldwide Pandion Therapeutics Inc. Astellas Pharma Inc. $795.00 10/30/19
PDS Biotechnology modified the clinical trial collaboration agreement with a subsidiary of Merck to evaluate the combination of PDS-0101 with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) for recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer and high-risk human papillomavirus-16 infection PDS Biotechnology Corp. Merck & Co. Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Astrazeneca to use Petagene's Petasuite software cloud for the integration of genomics into its drug discovery platform Petagene Ltd. Astrazeneca plc Payment unspecified 10/16/19
Pharmahemp to distribute Allied's cannabidiol extract products in the European and Asian markets Pharmahemp d.o.o Allied Corp. Payment unspecified 10/2/19
Specialised Therapeutics to commercialize Pharmamar's Yondelis in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia against advanced sarcoma Pharmamar SA Specialised Therapeutics Asia Pte. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/14/19
Luina Bio to manufacture LNC Therapeutics' live biotherapeutic product to treat obesity and metabolic disorders Pharmasynth Pty Ltd. LNC Therapeutics SA Payment unspecified 10/22/19
Casi to develop and market Pharmathen’s long-acting injectable microsphere in China for the treatment of acromegaly and for the control of symptoms associated with certain neuroendocrine tumors Pharmathen SA Casi Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/29/19
Novartis to develop and commercialize Pliant’s PLN-1474 for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and fibrotic diseases worldwide Pliant Therapeutics Inc. Novartis AG $80.00 10/23/19
Premier to supply Amphastar's seven shortage drugs in the U.S. Premier Inc. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Prometheus and Takeda to discover, develop and commercialize therapies and companion diagnostics for inflammatory bowel disease worldwide Prometheus Biosciences Inc. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. $420.00 10/3/19
Brii Biosciences to develop and commercialize Qpex Biopharma's portfolio for multi-drug resistant gram-negative infections in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Qpex Biopharma Inc. Brii Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/22/19
An undisclosed South American laboratory to enter negotiations to develop and commercialize Quantum Genomics' firibastat for arterial hypertension in Latin America Quantum Genomics Corp. Undisclosed South American laboratory Payment unspecified 10/7/19
Pegbio to evaluate Quiapeg's Uni-Qleaver technology for biobetters Quiapeg Pharmaceuticals Ab Pegbio Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/23/19
Medison Pharma to commercialize Rigel's fostamatinib for all indications in Canada and Israel Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. Medison Pharma Ltd. $40.00 10/1/19
Bayer and Riken Innovation to discover therapeutics across indications Riken Innovation Co. Ltd. Bayer AG Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Selexis to develop Tenebio's human heavy-chain antibodies to treat multiple myeloma, lymphoma and prostate cancer Selexis SA Teneobio Inc. Payment unspecified 10/17/19
Carna Biosciences to use Seranovo's DES formulation platform to develop oral formulation of kinase inhibitor Seranovo BV Carna Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/4/19
Novogene to develop companion diagnostics for Shenzhen Chipscreen's chiauranib against small cell lung cancer Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd. Novogene Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/8/19
Rain Therapeutics to use Sign Path's Correqt technology to develop Tarlox against cancer Signpath Pharma Inc. Rain Therapeutics Inc. $78.00 10/31/19
Skyflair Asia to distribute Peptonic medical's Vagivital for vaginitis in Hong Kong Skyflair Asia Peptonic medical AB Payment unspecified 10/31/19
Alexion to develop and co-promote Stealth's elamipretide for mitochondrial diseases in the U.S. Stealth Biotherapeutics Inc. Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. $45.00 10/10/19
Goldfinch to develop and commercialize Takeda's CB1 monoclonal antibody for rare and metabolic kidney diseases worldwide Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Goldfinch Bio Inc. Payment unspecified 10/3/19
Acino to acquire Takeda's OTC and prescription pharmaceutical assets in Near East, Middle East and Africa Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Acino Holding AG $200.00 10/15/19
Tannergap to distribute Napo Pharmaceuticals' Mytesi on a named-patient basis outside of the U.S., Canada and Israel Tannergap Inc. Napo Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 10/31/19
Tedor Pharma to manufacture Sequential's triple combination drug product for the short-term treatment of transient insomnia Tedor Pharma Inc. Sequential Medicine Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/16/19
GE Healthcare to commercialize Theragnostics' Galliprost for prostate cancer worldwide Theragnostics Ltd. GE Healthcare Inc. Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Menarini to commercialize Tillotts' Asacol for inflammatory bowel disease in People's Republic of China Tillotts Pharma AG The Menarini Group Payment unspecified 10/28/19
Vaxess and GC Pharma to develop and commercialize influenza vaccine using mimix smart release patch technology smart release patch technology in the U.S., Europe and South Korea Vaxess Technologies Inc. GC Pharma Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/16/19
Cipla to acquire Venus Remedies' Elores in India Venus Remedies Ltd. Cipla Ltd. Payment unspecified 10/17/19
Mitsubishi to develop and commercialize Viela Bio's inebilizumab for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder in Japan and other Asian regions Viela Bio Inc. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. $30.00 10/8/19
Hope Biosciences to use Virtrial's telehealth platform for autologous, adipose-derived culture expanded mesenchymal stem cell study to treat spinal cord injury/disorder Virtrial LLC Hope Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/9/19
Y-Biologics and Pascal Biosciences to discover and develop bispecific antibodies for leukemia Y-Biologics Inc. Pascal Biosciences Inc. Payment unspecified 10/29/19

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