Total Value in 2020: $8.33M (40 deals)

Deal title Principal company/nonprofit Partner company/nonprofit Value (US$M) Start date


Cancer Research UK to conduct phase IIa clinical study of Bicycle Therapeutics' BT-7401 against cancer Cancer Research UK Bicycle Therapeutics plc Payment unspecified 1/7/20
Ervaxx and Cardiff University to develop T-cell and TCR based immunotherapeutics targeting dark antigens for cancer Cardiff University Ervaxx Payment unspecified 1/24/20
Oncotartis and Children's Cancer Institute to study discovery, mechanism of action, toxicological profile and preclinical efficacy of OT-82 against leukemia Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research Oncotartis Inc. Payment unspecified 1/16/20
Distributed Bio to use Superhuman antibody technology to discover and optimize therapeutics against Washington University's targets Distributed Bio Washington University School of Medicine, US Payment unspecified 1/14/20
Bloom Science to Duke's heirloom strain therapeutics for Akkermansia bacterial infection using microbiome technology Duke University Bloom Science Inc. Payment unspecified 1/15/20
Hoth Therapeutics exercised its option to license for patents owned by George Washington University (GW) after evaluating GW's formulations of aprepitant George Washington University Hoth Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 1/15/20
Gladstone and Genentech to test the efficacy of GNE-0723 in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and Dravet syndrome Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease Genentech Inc. Payment unspecified 1/14/20
Bill & Melinda Gates MRI to develop GSK's M72/AS-01 against lung tuberculosis GlaxoSmithKline plc Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute Payment unspecified 1/27/20
ANP Technologies Inc. and Fulgent Pharma LLC through their partner Moffitt Cancer Center licensed rights of leukemia therapies to Celgene H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Celgene Corp. Payment unspecified 1/10/20
Hadasit to conduct preclinical studies of Canonic's medical cannabis products for inflammation and pain management Hadassah Medical Organization Canonic Ltd. Payment unspecified 1/27/20
Onxeo and Gustave Roussy to conduct phase Ib/II study of Asidna on niraparib for relapsed ovarian cancer Institut Gustave Roussy Onxeo SA Payment unspecified 1/29/20
Chongqing Zhifei Biological and Institute of Microbiology to develop recombinant protein subunit vaccine for coronavirus infection Institute of Microbiology, CAS Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 1/29/20
MDC and Plasmidfactory to develop gene therapy for cancer using Sleeping Beauty 100x Max Delbruck Centrum Fur Molekulare Medizin Plasmidfactory GmbH & Co KG Payment unspecified 1/16/20
MD Anderson Cancer Center to manufacture Bellicum's Gocar and other cellular therapy programs MD Anderson Cancer Center Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 1/21/20
Angiogenex and MSKCC to develop and commercialize series of anti-ID compounds against liver cancer worldwide Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Angiogenex Inc. $7.33 1/28/20
Tacitus to develop Mount Sinai's hematopoietic stem cell therapies for blood cancers and related clotting disorders Mount Sinai Health System Tacitus Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 1/9/20
Opiant and NCATS to enter a letter of intent for development of OPNT-004 against acute cannabinoid overdose National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 1/2/20
NIAID to design and conduct IND-enabling studies and a phase I clinical study in the U.S. on Moderna's mRNA vaccine against the 2019-nCoV National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Moderna Therapeutics Payment unspecified 1/23/20
National Institutes of Health and Axovant to study characterizing the natural history of Type 1 GM1 gangliosidosis in molecular genetics and metabolism National Institutes of Health Axovant Gene Therapies Ltd. Payment unspecified 1/13/20
Northshore University to study Eagle’s Ryanodex for concussion and other forms of traumatic brain injury in animal models NorthShore University Healthsystem Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 1/6/20
NHS England to sign a memorandum of understanding with Novartis to develop inclisiran for the treatment of atherosclerosis in the U.K. Novartis AG National Health Service Payment unspecified 1/13/20
Quantumleap to evaluate G1 Therapeutics' trilaciclib against breast cancers Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative G1 Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 1/14/20
Gilead Sciences to develop and commercialize Rockefeller University's broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV, including 3BNC-117 and 10-1074 worldwide Rockefeller University Gilead Sciences Inc. Payment unspecified 1/9/20
Decibel to develop Rockefeller University's series of small-molecule LATS inhibitors for hearing and balance disorders worldwide Rockefeller University Decibel Therapeutics Payment unspecified 1/29/20
Horizon Discovery Group exercised its option to exclusively license Rutgers University’s base-editing technology for therapeutic, diagnostic and service applications Rutgers University Horizon Discovery Group plc Payment unspecified 1/14/20
Calibr and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to identify existing medicinal compounds that show efficacy against one of the hardest-to-treat infections for patients with cystic fibrosis Scripps Research Institute Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Payment unspecified 1/14/20
Sapphire Biotech to use Skysong's intellectual property related to pharmaceutical compositions and methods for cancer treatments Skysong Innovations LLC Sapphire Biotech Inc. Payment unspecified 1/22/20
NYSCF and Cytovia Therapeutics to develop precision gene edited induced pluripotent stem cell-derived natural killer and CAR NK therapeutics for cancers The New York Stem Cell Foundation Cytovia Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 1/9/20
Titan Pharmaceuticals to supply Probuphine for US veterans to treat opioid use disorder Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Payment unspecified 1/13/20
Gene Techno Science and Tokyo Metropolitan Institute to research and develop therapeutic treatments for cerebral palsy Tokyoto Igaku Kenkyu Kiko Gene Techno Science Co. Ltd. Payment unspecified 1/22/20
Microcures and USAISR to enter CRADA to advance siFi2 for healing of burn wounds United States Army Institute of Surgical Research Microcures Inc. $1.00 1/28/20
Medigene and UdeM to study, develop and commercialize TCRs against up to 5 of the cancer antigens for immunotherapies worldwide Universite De Montreal Medigene AG Payment unspecified 1/29/20
Dinaqor and UCL to develop gene therapies for the treatment of monogenic cardiomyopathies worldwide University College London Dinaqor AG Payment unspecified 1/13/20
Diomics and University of California to improve islet transplantation for patients living with type 1 diabetes University of California Diomics Corp. Payment unspecified 1/2/20
University of California to evaluate Actinium's ARC apamistamab-I-131 against HIV related lymphoma patients University of California Davis Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. Payment unspecified 1/13/20
Orion Biotechnology to use University of Geneva's drug discovery platform to develop GPCR chemokine analogs worldwide University of Geneva Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd. Payment unspecified 1/21/20
Hoth Therapeutics exercised its option for full licensing rights to develop and commercialize therapeutic compounds for the treatment of dermatological conditions with the University of Maryland, Baltimore and Isoprene Pharmaceuticals University of Maryland, Baltimore Hoth Therapeutics Inc. Payment unspecified 1/29/20
University of Saskatchewan and Zyus to conduct cannabinoid-based research for brain disorders University of Saskatchewan Zyus Life Sciences Inc. Payment unspecified 1/7/20
U.S. Department of Defense exercised an option to purchase 80,000 additional doses of Valneva's Ixiaro Valneva SE U.S. Department of Defense Payment unspecified 1/15/20
Yposkesi to produce Genethon's AAV8-Spc5.12 gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy Yposkesi SAS Genethon Payment unspecified 1/9/20

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