Total value in 2019: $9,799.05M (332 completed)

Company Financing type Shares, units or warrants (M) Amount raised (US$M)

November - $855.15M

Akebia Therapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) Loan agreement N/A $80.00
Applied Therapeutics Inc. (New York; APLT) Private placement N/A $20.00
Argenx NV (Breda, the Netherlands) Private placement 2.58S $313.94
Avita Medical Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia) Institutional placement 203.38S $81.00
Azurrx Biopharma Inc. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Equity purchase N/A $15.00
Bioasis Technologies Inc. (Guilford, Conn.) Bridge financing N/A $0.53
Bioasis Technologies Inc. (Guilford, Conn.) Private placement 0.29U $0.05
Bio-Path Holdings Inc. (Houston) Registered direct offering 0.8S and W for 0.6S $8.00
Epizyme Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) Royalty sale N/A $100.00
Epizyme Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) Loan Facility N/A $70.00
Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Deer Park, Ill.) Debt facility N/A $10.00
Genmab A/S (Copenhagen) Warrant exercise 0.056S $1.40
Genprex Inc. (Austin, Texas) Registered direct offering 3.2S $1.26
Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego) Private placement N/A N/A
H-Cyte Inc. (Tampa, Fla.) Investment N/A $6.00
Kuros Biosciences Ltd. (Schlieren, Switzerland) Rights offering 12.4S $12.11
Lidds AB (Uppsala, Sweden) Directed issue 0.56S $0.93
Liminal Biosciences Inc. (Laval, Quebec) At-the-market offering 3.3S $189.00
Nervgen Pharma Corp. (Vancouver, British Columbia) Shares issue N/A $1.50
Newron Pharmaceutical SpA (Milan, Italy) Loan agreement N/A $8.25
Nicox SA (Sophia Antipolis, France) Private placement 3.3S $13.85
Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (Uppsala, Sweden) Shares issue N/A $41.10
Pharnext SA (Paris) Private placement 3S $16.60
Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Boston) Private placement 9U $32.00
Poxel SA (Lyon, France) Loan N/A $7.20
Predictive Oncology Inc. (Minneapolis) Stock purchase N/A N/A
Promis Neurosciences Inc. (Toronto) Private placement 32.5U $1.56
Surface Oncology Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) Debt financing facility N/A $7.50
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Watertown, Mass.) Registered direct offering N/A $7.00
Zosano Pharma Corp. (Fremont, Calif.) Registered direct offering 2.18S $3.16
Zymeworks Inc. (Vancouver, British Columbia) At-the-market sales N/A $75.00

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