Company Product Description Indication Status
Phase I
Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc., of New York Actimab-A Antibody radiation conjugate that targets CD33 receptor on blood cancer cells and delivers cytotoxic radiation via radioisotope Actinium-225 Relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia First patient treated in third cohort
Arch Biopartners Inc., of Toronto Metablok LSALT peptide Organ damage caused by inflammation Cohort of eight healthy volunteers added
Auris Medical Holding Ltd., of Hamilton, Bermuda AM-201 Intranasal betahistine Prevention of antipsychotic-induced weight gain and somnolence Last patient had last treatment visit
Debiopharm International SA, of Lausanne, Switzerland Debio-0123 WEE-1 inhibitor Advanced solid tumors Trial begun
Dynacure SAS, of Strasbourg, France DYN-101 Antisense medicine designed to modulate expression of dynamin 2 Myotubular and centronuclear myopathies  First patient dosed
Psioxus Therapeutics Ltd., of Oxford, U.K. NG-641 4-transgene tumor-microenvironment-modifying cancer gene therapy Solid tumors Started Star study to assess safety, tolerability and preliminary antitumor activity
Phase II
Auris Medical Holding Ltd., of Hamilton, Bermuda AM-125 Intranasal betahistine  Acute peripheral vertigo In addition to the ongoing intranasal dose-escalation portion, open-label testing of oral betahistine for reference purposes has commenced


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