A Medical Device Daily

Ulthera (Mesa, Arizona), a therapeutic ultrasound medical device company serving the aesthetics market, reported FDA clearance for the use of its Ulthera System to achieve a non-invasive eyebrow lift.

Ulthera says its system (Ultherapy) is substantially different than other in-office aesthetic devices because it combines visualization beneath the skin's surface with non-invasive delivery of ultrasound energy at depths that enable significant lifting of the skin. While drawing on the same reliable ultrasound principles that physicians and patients have trusted for decades, Ulthera's patented DeepSEE technology allows physicians in aesthetics to both see and treat deep below the skin without surgery.

Focused ultrasound energy triggers the body's natural healing response, resulting in new and improved collagen support and gradual firming, tightening and actual lifting of skin tissue over time. Patients receiving an Ultherapy treatment for a brow lift, for example, report less hooding and laxity of the eyelid skin and a more "open" look around the eyes, contributing to a more refreshed look overall. Outside the U.S. clinicians have begun performing Ultherapy using a "dual plane" approach to create significant improvements in the lower face and neck. In one procedure patients are treated at two different depths, affecting twice the volume of tissue.