Appointments and advancements for July 17, 2024

New hires and promotions in the med-tech industry, including: Acentra Health, Lunit, MMS, Volpara.

In the clinic for July 17, 2024

Clinical updates, including trial initiations, enrollment status and data readouts and publications: Shiratronics Inc., Interrad Medical Inc.

Other news to note for July 17, 2024

Med-tech happenings, including deals and partnerships, grants, preclinical data and other news in brief: Alivecor, Anaconda, Applaud Medical, Avvio, Calmwave, Innoblative Designs Inc., Jogo Health, KT Corp., Nference, Seastar, Sonde, Sumitomo Corp., Quest Health.

Regulatory actions for July 17, 2024

Regulatory snapshots, including global submissions and approvals, clinical trial approvals and other regulatory decisions and designations: Globus Medical, Hyperfine, Subtle Medical.