A Medical Device Daily

GeNOsys (Provo, Utah) has entered into a consulting agreement with Inosol (El Centro, California) to prepare the company's nitric oxide generator for commercial production. Commercial production is expected following the completion of FDA-required procedures.

GeNOsys specializes in pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical gas generating systems. Nitric oxide gas will be one of the medical gases that will be generated along with various combinations of beneficial medical gases suitable for the control of human disease.

Inosol, owned and managed by Stephen Fairbanks, was involved with the team that designed and received FDA approval for the first transport device used to monitor nitric oxide administration to a patient.

Fairbanks will be working with the company to design and add enhancements to the existing generator. GeNOsys expects the enhancements that are being incorporated will enable them to begin working on licensing and manufacturing agreements with potential partners in the medical device industry.

"We are fortunate to contract the services of one of the true pioneers in the use of nitric oxide for medical applications," said John Miller, chairman of the GeNOsys board. "The experience and expertise Stephen brings is well recognized by those who have worked in developing applications of nitric oxide for medical use. He will be invaluable as we prepare our products for entry into the marketplace."