• Caliper Life Sciences (Hopkinton, Massachusetts) has launched the Zephyr Genomics Workstation, an automation solution for molecular biology applications. The inclusion of pre-installed methods for reagent kits from numerous suppliers enables first-time automation users to improve quality, consistency, throughput, and return on investment, thereby removing critical sample preparation bottlenecks in workflows for next generation sequencing, microRNA analysis, genotyping, and gene expression studies. The Zephyr Genomics Workstation includes pre-installed methods for automating many widely used nucleic acid purification chemistries, as well as standard Caliper methods for routine applications such as PCR setup and sample normalization.

• International Components (Chicago) has released a compact 150-watt AC/DC external power supply for medical applications. Marketed under the Elpac Power Systems brand, the MWA150 series features what the company terms best-in-class performance at 5.5 watts per cubic inch power density and converter efficiencies between 90% and 94%. The MWA150 features a hold-up time of more than 25ms at full load and minimum input voltage. Unlike many other products in this category the MWA150 will ride through full cycle line voltage dropouts without depending on a charged back-up battery in the end system. The MWA150 series features an Energy Star Level V efficiency rating with more than 90% efficiency in active mode and a no load power consumption of less than 0.4W. This series also meets CE, EN, and IEC standards and can be designed to meet non-standard output voltage and connectivity requirements.

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