More than 1,900 shipments into the U.S. were refused by the FDA and Customs in August 2008 alone-more than five times the amount refused in 2007. For shipment owners, this can be frustrating and time-consuming. Products can be destroyed in as little as 90 days and millions of dollars can be lost.

In a new BioWorld Today and Medical Device Daily audio conference, attorneys Deborah Shelton and Philip Gallas and customs broker Joy Peterson explain what companies must do to get a hold lifted, and provide strategies for managing the communication process with the FDA and Customs.

"90 Days Until Destruction: How to Release an FDA Import Hold" is just $349 per listening site. Scheduled for January 28th, from 1-2:30 p.m., it includes presentation handouts and a half-hour Q&A session with the speakers. A conference CD (MP3 format) is also available. Please call 800-688-2421 or 404-262-5474 and mention conference code T09532.