• CeloNova BioSciences (Newnan, Georgia) said it has received FDA approval for Embozene color-advanced microspheres, which are indicated for the treatment of hypervascularized tumors (tumors with a large number of blood vessels in many locations) and arteriovenous malformations (defects in the circulatory system). CeloNova's Embozene Microspheres consist of a hydrogel core and an exterior shell made from Polyzene-F, the company's proprietary polymer, which is known to be anti-inflammatory and bacterial-resistant. Embozene Microspheres are precisely calibrated, they retain their shape after passing through a catheter, and they can stay in suspension for an extended time.

• Exiqon (Copenhagen, Denmark) reported the launch of its first molecular diagnostic test based on miRNA. The miRNA-based prognostic test will help identify stage II colon cancer patients who may be at significantly higher risk for recurrence and for whom adjuvant chemotherapy may be warranted. Generally, stage II patients are not treated with adjuvant chemotherapy, yet up to 25% of them will recur. The new miRNA test identifies patients who are at increased risk for recurrence and thus helps guide physicians in making treatment decisions.

• Invirion Diagnostics (Oak Brook, Illinois) has launched its new Molecular Hybrid Platform. The platform allows clinicians to perform solution based and cell based molecular diagnostics on one platform. Invirion Diagnostics specializes in the detection, monitoring and treatment of life-threatening viral diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, hepatitis, and organ transplant rejection.

• Sevocity, a division of Conceptual MindWorks (CMI; San Antonio), reported the launch of Sevocity patient portal, a secure web portal that will allow Sevocity EHR (electronic health record) clients to seamlessly and securely communicate with patients via the internet. The patient portal is included in Sevocity EHR 5.2, the newest release of the Sevocity EHR solution. The portal will enhance physicians' ability to communicate with patients. Physicians and customers can use Sevocity EHR to securely communicate with their patients over the Internet; patients will receive e-mail notification of office communications and access their information in the Patient Portal, where they can respond; patients save time by requesting prescription refills and appointment scheduling online, as well as making billing inquiries and other requests.

• Visage Imaging (Carlsbad, California) said it has received FDA clearance to market its latest thin client product release, Visage CS 3.1. Visage says that this release brings significant enhancements to its prior offerings in cardiac and other tools, and includes new optional neuroradiology and oncology applications. The neuro option facilitates brain perfusion analysis in CT and MRI imaging, while the oncology option provides tools for analyzing, documenting, and comparing lesions for multiple modalities, including Standardized Update Value (SUV)-based analysis for PET-CT. In addition to the new application options, Visage CS 3.1 features numerous new and streamlined measurement and post processing tools such as advanced 3-D segmentation, ROI-based analysis and time-value curves, and improved editing of cardiac LV models.

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