Starr Surgical creates CAST lens team

Starr Surgical (Monrovia, California) reported the creation of a team of leading ophthalmic surgeons to work with the company in a collaborative effort in evaluating the accommodative properties of its Collamer lens technology.

Accommodating intraocular lenses (IOLs) are implantable lenses designed to restore the eye's ability to "accommodate," or to adjust to see near and far as does the natural eye. This ability diminishes with age, and conventional IOLs used in cataract surgery do not restore it.

"Our ... Collamer material is similar to the eye's natural crystalline lens in its ability to refract light, its flexibility and high water content all characteristics necessary for high quality visual outcomes," said President/CEO Barry Caldwell. "During the recent American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting we formed CAST, which is currently comprised of seven leading ophthalmologists, to investigate the baseline accommodative ability of our Collamer lens."

He added, "We have reviewed published clinical data by Dr. Liz Davis and Dr. Liviu Saimovici reporting the accommodative properties of our Collamer Single Piece Lens as well as feedback from ophthalmologists involved in other clinical comparisons where the Three Piece Collamer lens showed accommodative properties."