A Medical Device Daily

K2M (Leesburg, Virginia), a spinal device company developing solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies, reported that it has entered the next generation of materials technology in the spine market.

Biomaterials is a rapidly expanding sector of the spinal industry that uses polymers and biological materials for bone grafting instead of the metals commonly used for spinal fusions. Biological materials allow for increased cellular activity, growth and differentiation which may increase bone formation and stimulate a spinal fusion.

John Schmidt, PhD joined K2M as Director of Biomaterials Technology to help lead the company's efforts during this new era. He has an extensive background working with high risk, Class III, medical devices using polymers and biologics. Schmidt formerly served as a Technical expert for the British Standards Institute (BSI America; London), the Director of Engineering for Quetzal Biomedical (Durango, Colorado), as well as staff scientist and project leader for Intermedics (Freeport, Texas) in their Pacemaker Division. He holds a PhD in Bioengineering from Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina).