A Medical Device Daily

The first Asia MEDTECH 2009 conference will be held in Singapore next March to catalyze the medical equipment manufacturing sector in Singapore and the region, positioning the industry to capitalize on the $336 billion global medical devices market, its organizers said.

The Singapore Precision Engineering & Tooling Association (SPETA), organizer of the event, said the conference will enable the precision engineering sector in the region to adapt and ride the wave of the global boom in the medical-device market.

MEDTECH 2009 will be held from March 25-28 at the Singapore Expo. The event is held in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board, International Enterprise Singapore and SPRING Singapore.

The organizers said that to date, 17 leading global med-tech companies have set up more than 20 commercial-scale manufacturing facilities in Singapore. "Coupled with rising global sourcing needs from multinational corporations, a perpetual upward demand for reliable production and assembly of complex components [has] been created within the medical device supply chain," SPETA said.

It added that Singapore's precision engineering industry players, numbering some 2,700 companies, "are solution providers with strong design, prototyping, production and supply chain management capabilities."

SPETA said that programs such as the Supplier Development Initiative have encouraged supplier companies to enhance their capabilities and establishes business linkages with larger precision engineering companies. The MedTech Capability Development Program by SPRING Singapore also has encouraged capability development projects in the areas of process improvement, product development and certification to meet the increasing demand for innovation and efficiency for med-tech customers.

Asia MEDTECH 2009 will comprise an exhibition, the Asia MEDTECH 2009 seminar, as well as GATE09 (Global-Asia Trade Exchange) Medical Technology, a business-matching platform for the medical technology sector.

Some 150 exhibiting companies are expected to participate and showcase their component manufacturing capabilities for some 8,000 medical devices ranging from simple bandages and spectacles, through implantable devices, equipment to screen and diagnose disease and health conditions, to the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and minimal invasive surgery equipment.

Four country pavilions from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the U.S. will be featured.

China IT developer wins 3-hospital contract

China Information Security Technology (CIST; Shenzhen, China), an application software developer, systems integrator and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions provider to the public security and civil-use markets in China, reported that it has been awarded its first contract to construct the digital hospital and medical information systems for three Shenzhen city hospitals.

The contract is valued at $2.2 million and is expected to be completed in 1Q09.

The award follows CIST's recently reported plan to acquire Shenzhen Zhongtian Technology Development Co., a provider of digital hospital information systems in Guangdong Province, China.

CIST said it was able to leverage its strong brand recognition and solid reputation, along with Zhongtian Technology's product offering, gain the contract. The Shenzhen contract marks CIST's first advance into what it called the largely underpenetrated digital hospital industry in China.

"We planned to leverage our acquisition of Zhongtian Technology, our reputation and strong brand recognition in the market, and our distribution network to quickly and efficiently introduce new products, and this contract demonstrates our ability to successfully accomplish this objective," said Jiang Huai Lin, CEO of China Information Security.

The contract and related revenue recognition will begin after the closing of the Zhongtian Technology acquisition, which is expected on or before Oct. 31.

Under the terms of the contract, CIST will build a comprehensive system at each of three Shenzhen hospitals to provide efficient information and clinical case management. Construction of the system will include an information platform and a database of medical and scientific research and practices.

The system also will enable consolidation of all related information and resources within the hospital and other related agencies.

CIST said it expects follow-on opportunities to expand the application's features and the database to accommodate patient medical records.

In the initial phase, the hospitals will not be linked to each other, but the system can be upgraded in the future to allow doctors across different hospitals to retrieve patient records remotely and update them efficiently, providing additional follow-on opportunities.

Zhongtian Technology and its Medical Case Statistics Software serve the growing demand for digital hospital and electronic medical record systems in China. Medical records, including health examinations, medical care, immunity or infectious diseases, will be integrated into one centralized system so that doctors within the network can review a patient's complete medical history.

Anika in Canada distribution accord

Anika Therapeutics (Bedford, Massachusetts), a developer of products for tissue protection, healing and repair based on hyaluronic acid (HA) technology, said it has signed an exclusive agreement with Canderm Pharma, which it described as Canada's leading independent skincare company, to distribute and market Elevess throughout Canada.

Elevess is an injectable filler that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, and was the first HA-based dermal filler approved by FDA to incorporate the anesthetic lidocaine to improve patient comfort.

"This agreement expands the distribution of Elevess into a new and important market for Anika," said President/CEO Charles Sherwood, PhD. "Canderm Pharma has held a long-term leadership position in the Canadian dermatology market. They have a deep knowledge of the injectable dermal filler landscape and have established relationships with Canada's leading cosmetic dermatologists and physicians."

He added, "Our hopes are high for this product and we are eager for doctors and patients in an increasing number of geographies to experience its benefits."

Barry Vogel, president of Canderm Pharma, said the product's "unique combination of lidocaine for pain relief combined with Anika's proprietary cross-linked dermal filler technology will give patients a more comfortable, long-lasting alternative to existing dermal fillers."

Anika said Elevess "provides physicians with a new alternative for their aesthetic practice. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polymer found throughout the body and is present in the skin, where it supports skin structure and elasticity. Elevess is indicated for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis for the correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds.