A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

XTend Medical (Sun Valley, California) has secured the exclusive global distribution rights to Diabetes Detection's (DD; Palo Alto, California) vibration device for pre-screening of diabetic neuropathy.

The distribution rights cover DD's vibration technology device, now in its fourth generation. Once the FDA has cleared the device for sale, XTend will immediately begin marketing the product to managed care companies, physicians and patients in the U.S.

XTend also is in negotiations to market the product in South Korea and Europe, based on their separate criteria needs for final approval.

Although the device can pre-screen those who may have diabetic neuropathy, the first signs that diabetes may be present, it also assists diabetic patients with monitoring their neuropathy levels so their disease is managed correctly.

Sales are anticipated to bring in additional revenues upwards of $5 million per year in the U.S. and possibly three times that amount globally, according to XTend CEO Paul Lisenby.

In other agreements/contracts news:

ContextVision (Boston), a software imaging partner for medical imaging makers, reported an agreement with a global OEM for its GOPView CT image enhancement software. The OEM will incorporate GOPView CT into products that will be launched next year. According to the company, GOPView CT will reduce noise while enhancing fine structure and edges, producing an easier-to-read image.

RemitDATA (Memphis, Tennessee) reported that Oncology Metrics (Dallas) has selected RemitDATA to provide reimbursement tools and custom benchmarking metrics to its oncology practice members.

Under terms of the exclusive agreement, Oncology Metrics is offering RemitDATA's tools to the Oncology Circle, as a value-added service, to help improve reimbursement process efficiencies, enhance best-practices and increase practice profitability. The tools will be used as a complement to Oncology Metrics current knowledge-based products and services and help accelerate their quest to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.