• Abiomed (Danvers, Massachusetts) said that it has developed a new portable circulatory support driver for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital patients. The portable driver is designed to support Abiomed’s AB5000 ventricular assist device. The combination of the new driver and the company’s FDA-approved AB5000 VAD provides support of acute heart failure patients. The AB5000 can assume the pumping function of a patient’s failing heart, allowing the heart to rest, heal and potentially recover. AB5000 is designed to provide either uni-ventricular or bi-ventricular support. Abiomed’s portable driver is a bi-ventricular system that delivers the pressures and vacuums equivalent to Abiomed’s AB5000 console and its iPulse console. Testing showed that the portable driver is capable of providing full support for a year’s intended use. The unit is expected to require low maintenance, approximately every 5,000 hours of operation. Abiomed’s AB5000 has FDA approvals for all acute heart failure indications.

• Coloplast (Minneapolis) has expanded its new SenSura line, featuring the Circle of Security, to give people with an ostomy confidence to lead a full, active life. The newest product, SenSura Click, is a two-piece pouching system that comes six months after the launch of the SenSura brand and its one-piece system. SenSura products feature Coloplast’s Circle of Security – a new barrier technology that is the first to optimize five core needs: initial tack and adhesion, flexibility, absorption, erosion resistance and ease of removal. The SenSura Click two-piece pouching system uses the same barrier technology as the one-piece system with the addition of an easy-to-apply, click-lock security ring. Coloplast specializes in ostomy care.

• CoolTouch (Roseville, California) reported that the CoolLipo 1320 nm laser system received an additional 510(K) clearance from the FDA for laser lipolysis, or melting fat. The CoolLipo 1320 laser is designed to ablate fat in areas such as the neck, chin and arms and improves the outcome of conventional liposuction in larger areas such as the abdomen and thighs. In addition, the 1320 nm wavelength tightens the skin from the inside out by directly targeting collagen and connective tissue. CoolTouch makes medical lasers.

• Home Diagnostics (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) reported its new blood glucose test strip platform called TRUEtest. TRUEtest strips will use no-coding technology that automatically calibrates with the company’s upcoming TRUEresult and TRUE2go blood glucose meters. The TRUEresult meter will offer advanced performance features while TRUE2go will be the world’s smallest monitor for on-the-go testing. The new no-coding technology of TRUEtest strips will eliminate the need for users to code their TRUEresult and TRUE2go meters with each new box of test strips. This enhancement reduces the risk of inaccurate glucose results caused by miscoding or failure to change the code when a new box of test strips is used, the company said. Home Diagnostics makes diabetes-testing supplies.

• Respironics (Murrysville, Pennsylvania) reported the release of the OmniLab multi-mode titration system. The device is intended to help sleep technicians titrate more types of patients than ever before. The device uses six modes of therapy, with multiple technologies which can be accessed directly from a PC. The company said that sleep technicians can choose the most effective therapy for each patient from one system. Patients can be titrated without interruption as they won’t need to move to another room in order to be titrated on a different system. Respironics is a manufacturer and distributor of products and programs that serve the global sleep and respiratory markets.

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