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Cardiocom Multi-Disease Management (Minneapolis), a manufacturer of remote patient monitoring equipment and disease management software, has entered into a relationship with Heritage Provider Network (HPN), a management service organization extending over Central and Southern California service areas. They will combine HPN's Medical Group/IPA networks with Cardiocom's telemonitoring technology company to improve the care of HPN patients.

S. Ian Drew, MD, executive VP, clinical affairs for HPN, said, "By using the flexible Cardiocom technology-based management solutions, we can offer new benefits to help people improve their self-management skills, remain in constant communication with their treating physician and reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and in-patient hospitalizations."

Cardiocom's Telescale and Commander equipment are placed in the homes of HPN Network patients. Cardiocom's software allows nurses at remote locations to monitor daily vital signs and health status of patients.

Cardiocom and HPN have partnered to study best clinical practices resulting from this home based telemonitoring program, as well as the clinical, economic and quality of life benefits that result from patients using the telemonitoring system. Data will be tracked from a minimum of 350 patients with a diagnosis of heart failure.

"This alliance will produce improved medical care for hundreds of California patients with chronic congestive heart failure," said Daniel Cosentino, president of Cardiocom.

Cardiocom telehealth devices track congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, COPD, severe asthma, and ESRD. GlucoCom, a division of Cardiocom offering blood glucose monitoring products, was added to the product line in 2006.

In other agreement news:

• Cook Urology (Spencer, Indiana), a division of Cook Medical (Bloomington, Indiana), and Convergent Laser Technologies (Alameda, California) reported an alliance for Cook to market and distribute Convergent's Odyssey lasers and laser fibers for the treatment of kidney stones.

Pete Yonkman, president of Cook Urological, said: "Both companies share the same commitment to quality and patient focused innovation."

The Odyssey laser and laser fibers utilize patented, variable pulse width technology that enables surgeons to switch from disintegration of stones to ablation and coagulation of soft tissue with a one-button push. Convergent says that the Odyssey has the industry's first green aiming beam for enhanced visibility of the treatment site and enough power to treat any renal stone, regardless of size, position or composition.

Marilyn Chou, PhD, Convergent CEO, said that with Cook, "we will provide urologic surgeons worldwide access to the latest Holmium laser technologies that can result in a significant, positive impact on kidney stone treatment."