Smiths Medical (Carlsbad, California) has introduced the Portex Thermovent T2 Heat and Moisture Exchange Device (HME) for tracheostomy tubes, billing it as its new generation of passive humidifiers for tracheostomy tubes. The device provides humidification for spontaneously breathing patients whose upper airways are bypassed by a tracheostomy tube. The added benefit is a simple opening port for quick and easy access for suctioning, Smiths said. A centrally located integrated oxygen line connection port enables supplementary oxygen without interfering with other functions of the product. The system features oxygen reservoir end caps that are rounded for added patient comfort, and clear housing that allows visualization of HME. The device may be used for up to 24 hours and is indicated for use on adult and pediatric patients with a tidal volume greater than 70ml. Smiths makes devices for a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic, and surgical procedures.

ThermoGenesis (Rancho Cordova, California), a developer of technologies for cell therapy and surgical wound care, reported it has scaled-up its production to begin volume shipments of its AutoXpress (AXP) cord blood stem cell processing disposables to fulfill orders to its exclusive global distribution partner GE Healthcare (GEHC; Waukesha, Wisconsin). Earlier this year, GEHC reported agreements with the largest private and public cord blood banks in the world to supply each with ThermoGenesis' AXP System, the first automated, functionally-closed, sterile system for harvesting stem cells from cord blood.

Visicu (Baltimore) reported results of an analysis of 2006 severity–adjusted mortality data that indicates Visicu's eICU Program helps save lives and improves patient outcomes. The company recently examined severity-adjusted ICU and hospital mortality data on patients that were cared for during 2006 in the intensive care units of 68 hospitals using the eICU Program. The average severity-adjusted ICU mortality rate was 27% better than the national average and the number of ICU patients who left the hospital alive was 20% better than the average. Visicu's eICU Program is designed to restructure the practice of critical care by using remote monitoring technology to allow health systems to centralize scarce critical care trained staff to improve coverage and for earlier intervention to prevent or manage crises.

Wright Medical Group (Arlington, Tennessee) said it will sponsor a web cast highlighting the clinical science and application of its GraftJacket Regenerative Tissue Matrix in the treatment of challenging rotator cuff pathology. The web cast will be 5 p.m. Pacific Time Nov. 28, accessed at The web cast will include surgical demonstrations using the GraftJacket.

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