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PainCare Holdings (Orlando, Florida), a provider of pain-focused medical and surgical therapies, reported plans for forming a new subsidiary, Integrated Pain Solutions (IPS), to develop, administer and track the outcome of evidenced-based, clinical pathways for the management of acute or chronic pain.

PainCare said IPS will deliver “quality care by highly credentialed, multi-disciplined provider networks, contracted and managed by IPS in select U.S. markets.”

IPS will “ultimately establish” what it terms “Pain Centers of Excellence” in its service markets where it will centralize care addressing interventional pain management, functional restoration and behavioral health.

PainCare said it plans to launch IPS operations late in 1Q07.

Randy Lubinsky, CEO of PainCare, said, “The changes that have taken place in healthcare over the past 10 years make it imperative that payers support the movement to an evidenced-based, pay-for-performance model... . [U]tilizing our Network data-gathering capabilities to enable care providers to make sound treatment decisions, we believe that we can empower patients, providers and payers with a stronger, more cost-efficient and much more stable system of care delivery.”

He put the opportunity for treating pain and pain-related injuries at $100 billion annually in the U.S. and that PainCare can play “a pioneering role in helping third party payers to control costs without compromising the quality and effectiveness of patient care.”

He added that IPS should contribute to PainCare’s growth “in 2007 and beyond.”

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