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CytoCore (Chicago) reported that it has begun development for its e2 Collector and expects the product to be ready for sale in Q107.

The e2 Collector is a cervical sampling device that collects cells for Pap test analysis. It uses a silicone balloon that is inflated against the cervix, causing less trauma and yielding better cell samples.

Two manufacturers will be responsible for the developing separate components of the e2 Collector, it said. Plas-Tech Engineering (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) will produce the collector handle and ATP Rubber and Plastics (Elk Horn, Wisconsin) will produce the balloon disposable piece. CytoCore said the initial units will be produced using single cavity molds as the vendors work on automating the manufacturing and assembly process and developing larger multi-cavity molds.

CytoCore said that 2Q sales of single cavity production are expected to lead it to positive cash flow. The larger 16-cavity molds will be delivered in late summer, and will increase the unit production to an annual volume of 8.5 million to 10 million units by year-end '07. This production volume equates to an estimated net revenue stream worth 10 to 12 cents a share, CytoCore said.

The company's systems can be used in a laboratory or at the point-of-care to assist in early detection of cervical, endometrial and other cancers.

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