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Cramer Decker Medical (Santa Ana, California) reported the launch of a new products division focused on the development of emergency medical equipment for first responders.

The products, brand-named MERET (for Medical Emergency Rescue Equipment and Technology) focuses on providing first responder products “that meet the demands encountered when saving lives,” Cramer Decker said.

“We have taken great care and time in developing unique equipment that is well-organized, easy to use, and extremely rugged,” said Scott Decker, president of Cramer Decker. “Our products are designed around ease of transport and easy access to ALS and BLS supplies so that the first responder can focus on their difficult tasks.”

Cramer Decker has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing products for the medical, scuba diving, adventure backpacking and compressed gas markets and says that recently it has become “an industry leader in homecare respiratory technology.”

Decker said, “Our unique TS-Ready interchangeable ALS/BLS bag system is a great example of the thought we have put into our design process. All of the bags can be expanded and interchanged to fit the dynamic requirements of the first responder.”

MERET's product line, ranging from portable lightweight composite oxygen systems to first responder bags and cases to scuba rescue systems, will be launched at the EMS Expo in Las Vegas, Sept. 26-29.

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