Vista Medical Technologies (Carlsbad, California) said it has changed its corporate name to iVOW, effective immediately. The company's Nasdaq symbol also has been changed to IVOW, effective Feb. 23.

Michael Owens, MD, currently president of the company's VOW Solutions subsidiary, now will serve as president of iVOW.

Chairman and CEO John Lyon, said, “This change aligns our corporate name with the brand name of our chronic and morbid obesity disease management business. The choice of name symbolizes a patient's commitment to the permanent behavior modification required to conquer severe obesity. As a company, we identify with that commitment and our exclusive business focus is to provide hospitals, physicians, payors and patients with the products, services and management infrastructure to enable successful programs to treat the disease of severe obesity.“

iVow provides program management, operational consulting and clinical training services to physicians and hospitals involved in the medical and surgical treatment of morbidly obese patients, along with specialized vitamins to patients who have undergone obesity surgery.