Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp. secured $12 million through a private sale of its common stock.

The Maywood, N.J.-based business said it received a commitment to sell the shares at a 3 percent discount to market price to undisclosed institutional investors. The company's stock (NASDAQ:NYMX) closed unchanged at $2.66 in average volume during Wednesday's trading.

The financing includes neither warrants nor any restrictions on other corporate financing. Company officials did not return calls seeking comment.

Nymox, which said the funding would support its cash needs for more than three years, plans to use proceeds for general corporate purposes. For the quarterly period ended June 30, the company reported about $185,000 in cash, though it noted that it had since received proceeds from two separate $460,000 placements. Nymox lost about $1.1 million during the quarter, and the company ended it with about 23.4 million shares outstanding.

Nymox, which said it had no long-term debt, reported $75,000 in sales during the quarter. It markets two diagnostic products, NicAlert and AlzheimAlert. NicAlert is a smoking and tobacco product exposure test, while AlzheimAlert measures the amount of a protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease in a patients' urine.

Beyond those, the company is developing therapeutics as well. Its lone clinical product is NX-1207, which is in U.S.-based Phase I studies for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It also is developing products for Alzheimer's disease, including spheron-based candidates and products that target the neural thread protein, which Nymox said is implicated in the disease process. The company also owns a patent for the use of statin drugs in treating and preventing Alzheimer's disease.

In June, Nymox said it expects to file as many as four investigational new drug applications for products in the coming year. The company said it would provide further information on each application as milestones are achieved prior to filing.

Nymox's research department also is developing antibacterials, including potential treatments for E. coli 0157 food contamination. Other infectious disease candidates include NXB-4221, for chronic urinary tract infections; NXB-5886, for streptococcal infections; and NXT-1021, for staphylococcal infections.