Ofer Building
5 Hefzadi Street, P.O. Box 34478
Jerusalem, 91344, Israel
Phone: 972-2-659-5600

Ariel Darvasi, president and chief scientific officer
Privately Held


Founded in 1999, IDgene is a population genomics company focusing on identifying the genetic basis of common diseases. The first population the company will study is the Ashkenazi Jews residing in Israel, a population that demonstrates a significant level of homogeneity. The company is focusing on common polygenic diseases such at asthma, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. IDgene said its goals are to develop a platform for the discovery of genes affecting traits, apply DNA research to improve the process of drug discovery, optimize the usage of existing treatments and enhance diagnostics and preventive medicine.

In January 2001, IDgene raised about $7.65 million in its second round of financing.


The company intends to partner with pharmaceutical companies as well as develop its own drugs to treat certain diseases. The company’s pilot collaborative study is with the Hebrew University.