Im Neuenheimer Feld 517
D-69120, Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221-403-823

Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO
NASDAQ:LEON and Neuer Markt:LIO


LION Bioscience AG is a bioinformatics and genomics company dedicated to providing solutions to the life science industry and accelerating drug development. The company’s products includes the SCOUT integration and analysis product lines, which provide automated methods for the analysis of gene and protein sequences, expression data analysis and comparative genomics. The company also has its i-biology product that integrates research and development efforts and reorganizes the communications and project and data management between the various development teams to speed the process of drug development. Bayer AG is the company’s first i-biology client.

In addition, LION gained the iDEA platform a predictive absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion simulation system, and the ChemFolio Library from its purchase of Trega Biosciences in December 2000.

In January 2002, LION agreed to acquire NetGenics Inc., a privately held company located in Cleveland that builds informatics solutions, in exchange for about 1.12 million LION shares. At the time, the acquisition was valued at about $17.6 million and was expected to close in the first quarter of 2002. Upon completion of the transaction, NetGenics will become a wholly owned subsidiary of LION.

LION went public on the Nasdaq and Frankfurt markets in July 2000, raising $191 million.


In addition to Bayer, the company has collaborations with Paradigm Genetics for functional genomics, Celera Genomics to offer SCOUT products through the Celera web portal, and Tripos Inc. to develop a chemSCOUT product.