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Christopher Pearce, CEO


Proteome Sciences plc has developed proprietary proteomics technology and databases. The company’s five main research areas are in cancer, neurological disease, solid organ transplant rejection, cardiovascular disease and diabetes and obesity. It has a portfolio of patents, granted and pending, on proteins found to be altered in some of the most common and serious diseases in these therapeutic areas.

Its discovery program, in collaboration with more than 20 academic research institutions, works on identifying proteins with potential as new diagnostic markers or therapeutic targets for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Other areas of research include gene therapy, RNA repair and exon tagging, which are carried out at its Intronn LLC subsidiary in Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

The company’s databases include data from tissue and biological material in normal serum, cerebrospinal fluid, blood cell subsets, normal tissues correlating to disease tissues in cancer, rejection, and cardiovascular disease.


Drug discovery and diagnostic markers in Alzheimer’s disease: Mindset BioPharmaceuticals Ltd.

Academic research partners:

Oncology: University of Michigan; University of Hull, UK; University of Erlangen, Germany; University of Geneva; and Cancer Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain.

Neurological disease: Cantonal Hospital, Geneva; University of Geneva; National Institute of Mental Health; National Institutes of Health; and St. Luke’s Houston Medical Center.

Solid organ transplant rejection: Harefield Hospital, UK; Danish National University Hospital; Centre for Proteome Analysis, Odense, Denmark; University of Cambridge, UK; and Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, Sydney.

Diabetes and obesity: University of Buckingham, UK; and University of Geneva.

Gene Therapy/RNA Repair (through Intronn LLC): Duke University and the University of North Carolina.