The chart titled "Money Raised By Biotech In 2001" that ran on page 13 in the Dec. 10 issue and in previous issues of BioWorld Financial Watch had incorrect figures. The correct amount raised in February public offerings is $724.2M, making the total raised in public offerings this year $2,984.5M. The total February offerings figure should be $846.5M, and the total money raised for public offerings, other financings of public companies, private financings and milestone payments and equity investments is $11,779.4M. An offering by Hemosol Inc. was incorrectly placed in the February IPO chart, causing the errors.

Also, on page 3 of the same issue, the total raised in follow-ons in 2001 should be $2,777.41M, with the average value of follow-ons being $84.2M. Through November of this year, there have been 33 follow-on offerings.