¿ Aastrom Biosciences Inc., of Ann Arbor, Mich., outlined its dendritic cell product program Friday at the Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets 2001 Health Care Conference in Laguna Niguel, Calif. Douglas Armstrong, Aastrom's CEO, presented a plan to move the CD-I dendritic cell product into clinical research centers for external evaluation and to target Germany as the lead market. Also discussed were preparations for the commercialization of Aastrom's SC-I bone marrow stem cell and CD-I cord blood stem cell products in Europe.

¿ International Wex Technologies Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia, said it received a "no objection" letter from Health Protection Branch, Canada, allowing the company to proceed with Phase Ib and Ic trials of its product, Tetrodin, under the dual indications of opiate withdrawal treatment and pain management.

¿ Adolor Corp., of Exton, Pa., said results from two trials of its pain product, ADL 10-0101, showed positive results in relieving pain and itch. In the first trial, patients receiving ADL 10-0101 had their mean pain scores reduced by 38 percent and 64 percent at 30 minutes and four hours after the initiation of infusion, respectively. Patients receiving placebo had reductions of 14 percent and 0 percent in scores at the same time points. The second trial was conducted in normal volunteers with experimentally induced poison ivy itch. Fifty-three percent of subjects receiving ADL 10-0101 reported no itch five minutes after treatment compared to 13 percent of the placebo subjects at the same time point. ADL 10-0101 is an agonist of kappa opioid receptors on pain and itch sensing nerves in the peripheral nervous system.

¿ Dusa Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Wilmington, Mass., said independent investigators in the United Kingdom initiated a new randomized study testing Dusa's Levulan (aminolevulinic acid HCl) photodynamic therapy (PDT) for dysplastic Barrett's esophagus. The goal of the study is to determine the effect of varying drug concentrations on the ability of Levulan PDT to treat the condition. The trial will be double blind, controlled and evaluate 25 patients.

¿ Ilex Oncology Inc., of San Antonio, said it received a letter from the FDA, addressed to Millennium & Ilex Partners LP, stating the agency will take action on the companies' biologics license application for Campath (alemtuzumab) by May 19. The Campath humanized monoclonal antibody received fast-track designation from the FDA and is jointly owned by Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., and Ilex.

¿ Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., adopted a shareholder rights plan to ensure all Millennium shareholders receive fair and equal treatment in the event of any unsolicited attempt to acquire the company. The plan, it said, was not adopted in response to any unsolicited offer or takeover attempt.

¿ Synaptic Pharmaceuticals Corp., of Paramus, N.J., said at the Tucker Anthony Sutro Life Science and Health Care Investor Conference in Laguna Niguel, Calif., that its lead drug candidate for treating depression is on track for an investigational new drug application filing in the fourth quarter. The candidate acts through a G protein-coupled receptor.

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