Company Location Investment Company Focus And Technology
(C$, 000)
AnorMed Inc.* Vancouver, 720** Research into therapeutics that use inorganic com-
British Columbia pounds
ApoptoGen Inc.* Ottawa, Ontario 1,000** Genetic research focusing on apoptosis
BeaconEye Inc. Toronto 1,053** Laser vision correction facilities
Biostar Inc.* Saskatoon, 1,200 Vaccines and therapeutics for animal and human
Saskatchewan health
Drug Royalty Corp. Toronto 535** Acquires royalty interests in pharmaceuticals
Exogen Montreal 417 Novel products for neuronal protection and cancer
Neurosciences Inc.*
GeminX Montreal 1,500 Therapeutics for cancer and viral infections
Biotechnologies Inc.*
GenSci Regeneration Toronto 5,893** Development of bioimplants and bone and tissue
Sciences Inc. regeneration products
HRG Health Calgary, Alberta 2,000 Health care facility providing short-term procedures
Resource Group*
LIFE Imaging London, Ontario 1,320** 3-D ultrasound imaging systems
Systems Inc.*
Microbix Toronto 3,000 Generic biotechnology products
Biosystems Inc.
Morphometrix Toronto 500 Automated analytical system for Pap smear tests
Technologies Inc.*
Neuromotion Inc.* Edmonton, Alberta 1,250** Functional and therapeutic electrical stimulating
Nova Molecular Montreal 500** Drug efficacy profiling assays for central
Inc.* nervous system disorders
PhageTech Inc.* Montreal 250 Novel antimicrobial therapeutics
Phytogen Life Vancouver 3,981 Producer of paclitaxel
Sciences Inc.*
StressGen/ Victoria, 10,000 Gene therapy for cancer using stress proteins
Genzyme Partnership British Columbia
Synapse Vancouver 50** Alzheimer's disease diagnostic
Technologies Inc.*
Systems Toronto 5,000 Computer software for transactions processing in
Xcellence Inc. health care organizations
TerraGen Diversity Vancouver 1,500** Novel compounds from previously unculturable
Inc.* microbes
Tm Biopharma Corp. Toronto 1,750 DNA tests, immunoassays and biochips
UltraVision Inc. Calgary 1,000** Proprietary contact lenses
University Medical Toronto 1,500** Early-stage financing for research projects
Discoveries Inc.*
Xillix Technologies Richmond, 5,000 Fluorescence medical imaging devices for the early
Corp. British Columbia detection of cancer
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Follow-on financing
Amounts are quoted in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate on 12/22/97 was C$1.43/US$1.
Source: CMDF Annual Report 1997