Don't Be Left Out Of <I>BioWorld Phase III Report BioWorld Phase III Report">

Don't Be Left Out Of BioWorld Phase III Report

The BioWorld Phase III Report is a comprehensive listing of all ongoing, advanced-stage trials of biotech products. It assesses the number of products in trials by disease category, provides details of the trials and reports which drugs were approved during the quarter. It is again time to update the report. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire on p. 5 and fax it back to (800) 850-1232 or (404) 814-0759. Inclusion of your company's products in this report is free.


Phase III Report

Product Update Survey

Please send us news of your company's biotechnology products in Phase III trials. Take a moment to fill out this form and fax it back to the number at the bottom of the page.


Please answer all of the questions below. Here is an example:

Product Name: Leukine

Product Type: Colony stimulating factor

Indication: Post-operative infections

Status: Entered Phase III early 1994; PLA supplement filed; completion expected late 1996 or early 1997

Company Name

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Product Name

Product Type



Thank you for your participation.

Please fax this survey to:

(800) 850-1232 or (404) 814-0759

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