* Competitive Technologies Inc., of Fairfield, Conn., has deferred the annual stockholders' meeting, which had been planned for Dec. 19. The board of directors will be addressing concerns raised by a group of stockholders. The board already has approved a reduction in size and constitution of the board. The annual meeting is expected to be held in mid-January 1998.

* Cygnus Inc., of Redwood City, Calif., said it will conduct a public offering of $75 million in convertible, subordinated notes, excluding any overallotments. The proposed notes would consist of interest-bearing securities, convertible into newly issued shares of common stock at any time prior to maturity in 2002. Cygnus is focused on further development of GlucoWatch, a painless, bloodless automatic glucose monitor, and transdermal drug delivery systems.

* Hybridon Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., said it would effect a five-for-one reverse stock split on Dec. 10, approved by stockholders in November. About 25.3 million outstanding shares will become about 5.06 million shares. Investors will maintain their pro-rata percentage ownership except for minor differences resulting from the payment of stock in lieu of fractional shares.

* Receptagen Inc., of Edmonds, Wash., has fulfilled its "good will" payments totaling $250,000 to Scitech Genetics Ltd., of Singapore. Receptagen has signed a letter of intent to acquire all shares of Scitech. Terms of the share exchange agreement will call for the merged company to raise a substantial amount of capital through Credifinance Securities Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of InterUnion Financial Corp., of Palm Beach, Fla.

* StressGen Biotechnologies Corp., of Victoria, British Columbia, said preclinical experiments performed at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research, an affiliate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, confirmed that the company's core technology effectively activates the killer cells (CTLs) necessary to destroy cancer and virus-infected cells. Results of the study, led by Richard Young, were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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