* Corvas International Inc., of San Diego, Calif., reported thatNAPc2, an inhibitor of the enzymatic complex factor VIIa/tissuefactor that initiates blood coagulation, demonstrates significantanticoagulant properties. Corvas said it plans to initiate human trialsagainst deep vein thrombosis in early 1997.

* Prizm Pharmaceuticals Inc., of San Diego, said animal studies of itsgene targeting technology demonstrated the protein fibroblast growthfactor may be an effective vehicle for shuttling therapeutic genes intocells. Prizm's gene therapy technique does not involve use of viralvectors, lipids or liposomes.

* ProCyte Corp., of Kirkland, Wash., said it completed a multicenterPhase 1/11 safety and effectiveness study of its investigational drug,prezatide copper acetate, as a potential treatment for patientssuffering from ulcerative colitis. The early-stage study involved 51patients with distal or left-sided, mild to moderate ulcerative colitis.Patients receiving the drug had a two-fold improvement in reductionof disease activity compared to the placebo group.

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