* Oncogene Science Inc., of Uniondale, N.Y., began Phase I trials inthe U.S. and Europe of transforming growth factor-3 for oralmucositis, a dose-limiting side effect of chemotherapy drugs. Thecompany said recruitment began several months ago and trials arefully under way.

* Scriptgen Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Medford, Mass., raised $5.6million in a Series C preferred share financing, bringing to $18.4million the company has raised. The company is developing oraldrugs to regulate gene expression, with an initial focus on antifungalagents effective against resistant organisms.

* Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Menlo Park, Calif., signed anagreement with Prodefarma S.A. for the marketing of Amphotec _amphotericin B colloidal dispersion to treat systemic fungalinfections _ in Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg.

* The Liposome Co. Inc., of Princeton, N.J., received approval inGreece for Abelcet (amphotericin B lipid complex injection) as afirst-line treatment for cryptococcal meningitis, a relatively commoninfection in AIDS patients. The drug also was approved for severefungal infections in refractory patients.

* Zonagen Inc., of The Woodlands, Texas, began U.S. pivotal studiesof Vasomax, an "on-demand" oral therapeutic for impotency. Thecompany hopes to be able to file a new drug application by June1997 for the drug it says can help about 40 to 50 percent of impotentmen. The company said data coming from a pivotal study in Mexicoare encouraging.

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