* Shareholders of Genzyme Transgenics Corp., of Framingham,Mass., and TSI Corp., of Milford, Mass., yesterday approved amerger of the two companies. The acquisition plans were firstannounced in June. (See BioWorld Today, June 15, p. 1.) Thecombined company will trade on NASDAQ under the symbol GZTC.Terms of the deal included that TSI shareholders will exchange fiveshares for one share of Genzyme stock.* DNA Plant Technology Corp., of Oakland, Calif., submitted apetition to the Department of Agriculture seeking non-regulatedstatus for its genetically engineered tomato.* InflaZyme Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia,said it arranged a $1 million private placement of common shares, at60 cents per share.* Pharmacyclics Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., said it started Phase IIItrials of Gadolite oral suspension to test the capability of its oralcontrast agent to improve accuracy in magnetic resonance imaging ofthe abdomen and pelvis.* Zonagen Inc., of The Woodlands, Texas, said its major venturecapital investors agreed not to sell any Zonagen stock, locking up 1.8million shares until Sept. 25, 1995.* T Cell Sciences Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., started a Phase I trialevaluating the use of soluble complement receptor 1 (sCR1) in acutelung injury, which in its most severe forms is classified as adultrespiratory distress syndrome.* Celgene Corp., of Warren, N.J. has begun a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II trial of thalidomide for cachexia, orwasting, in advanced AIDS patients. Celgene licensed a thalidomideuse patent filed by The Rockefeller University of New York.* Advanced Magnetics Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., said the EuropeanUnion's Committee for Proprietary and Medicinal Productsrecommended approval of Endorem, the company's injectable livercontrast agent.* Gliatech Inc., of Cleveland, was awarded a $75,000 Small BusinessInnovation Research grant for research aimed at developing productsto inhibit formation of adhesions following tendon surgery.* Quadra Logic Technologies Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia,said results from 17 patients with mild to moderate psoriasis showedthat photodynamic therapy with Benzoporphyrin derivative should bepursued as a treatment.* Oncor Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md., acquired Appligene S.A., adeveloper, manufacturer and marketer of molecular genetic productsin Strasbourg, France, for $2.2 million in cash, notes with anaggregate principal amount of $4.3 million, and 636,000 shares ofOncor stock.* Agracetus Inc., a subsidiary of W.R. Grace & Co., entered into aresearch, development and manufacturing deal with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Group to produce BR96, Bristol-Myers' monoclonal antibody, in transgenic plants.

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