Pfizer Inc. has extended an agreement with TheraTech Inc. to developtransdermal patches as delivery systems for potential therapeuticcompounds devised by Pfizer.The deal extends for another two years a collaboration initiated in 1992between the two companies. Steven Mayer, chief financial officer ofSalt Lake City-based TheraTech, said financial terms of the agreementhave not been disclosed.Mayer said that TheraTech has analyzed 12 compounds and two areproceeding to clinical trials, which may begin by the end of the year.Details about the compounds have not been released. However, Mayersaid one compound is for cardiovascular indications.Under terms of the agreement, New York-based Pfizer is fundingproduct development and TheraTech will manufacture patches for thePhase I trials. Pfizer is responsible for conducting the clinical studies. Ifthe compounds proceed to later stage trials, TheraTech will continue tosupply patches and receive research and development funding as wellas milestone payments.Pfizer retains worldwide marketing rights to any products approved forcommercial use. TheraTech has rights to manufacture marketedpatches and will receive royalties.In addition to Pfizer, TheraTech has corporate collaborations with fourother pharmaceutical companies, including SmithKline Beecham, ofPhiladelphia. TheraTech and SmithKline are developing a testosteronepatch for treatment of male hypogonadism. Mayer said TheraTechexpects to file a new drug application with the FDA by the end ofSeptember for the testosterone patch. _ Charles Craig

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