VimRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. is putting together a new dosing level andregimen for a Phase I/II trial of oral hypericin, after a one-patientanalysis of its current trial (ACTG 258) revealed photosensitivity thatcaused tingling and skin discomfort, the company said Tuesday.VimRx, of Stamford, Conn., hopes to restart the trial in the fourthquarter. No more patients will be enrolled in ACTG 258, which was toinvolve 24 AIDS patients. The company noted that the trial showed areduction in viral burden from the one patient."It's very positive in that we have identified a viral reduction,"Frederick Dechow, CEO of VimRx, told BioWorld. "At the same timeit adds to our information about a dosage level and schedule wherebypeople are not going to want to take the drug. It's up to us to figure outa way to get patients on a regimen that will not only be effective forthem, but one that will be accommodating to their lifestyle."Dechow said the dosage level will be reduced from 0.5 mg/kg, and thatit will be given less often than once per day. He also hopes forincreased patients and centers in the trial, which is being sponsored bythe National Institutes of Health.Hypericin, which has demonstrated antiviral and antiretroviralproperties in vivo and in vitro, is in two company-sponsored Phase I/IItrials for AIDS patients, for cytomegalovirus retinitis and humanpapilloma virus.VimRx (NASDAQ:VMRX) stock closed at 81 cents per share Tuesday,up 9 cents. _ Jim Shrine

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