Neoprobe Corp. announced at its annual meeting in New York thatphysicians in various European countries have agreed to participate inPhase III studies of its radioimmunoguided surgery (RIGS) for thetreatment of colorectal cancer."The expansion of our clinical trial activity in Europe brings us closerto our primary goal of commercializing RIGS surgical products in themost expeditious way," said David Bupp, president of the Dublin,Ohio, company.Judy Barnes, corporate communications manager for Neoprobe, toldBioWorld that data from the Phase III European trials will be used tosupplement U.S. data, and vice versa, when regulatory approvals aresought on each continent. Phase III trials already are under way in theU.S. for products being developed to detect and characterize primaryand metastatic colorectal cancer.Barnes said Neoprobe has identified investigators in Europe and plansto have the studies up by fall. She said about 10 sites are expected to beused, in countries which were not identified.RIGS products for ovarian and breast cancer are in Phase II testing inthe U.S. And Neoprobe has two therapeutic products in testing _ onefor metastatic colorectal cancer (in Phase I/II clinicals) and an ongoingpilot study for pancreatic cancer.The RIGS system involves injecting a cancer patient with a low-level,radioactive, cancer-targeting agent before surgery. During surgery aphysician uses a hand-held detection device to locate and determine theextent of the cancer. _ Jim Shrine

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