Gliatech Inc. recently announced it started U.S. clinical trials of itssurgery.The randomized, controlled, multicenter study is designed to provideinformation on the potential safety and efficacy of Adcon-L, a gelapplied around nerve roots at a surgical site. The product controlledunwanted scar tissue in animal models of spinal surgery, the Clevelandcompany said.Excessive scarring (or peridural fibrosis) afflicts up to 40 percent of the400,000 people who undergo back surgery each year in the U.S.,Gliatech said. The company already has enrolled 180 patients at sevensites in a similar European trial and has pilot studies in Europe that dealwith controlling scarring following tendon surgery and with peripheralnerves.Gliatech was formed in 1988 to develop products based on anunderstanding of glial cells.

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