On this page, BioWorld continues its occasional listings ofgovernment agencies seeking industrial licensees for theirR&D. Instead of the usual National Institutes of Health tech-transfer announcements, the following opportunities areoffered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) in the Department of Commerce.Readers desiring further information on licensing theseinventions for development or commercialization may addressa written inquiry (citing NIST docket #) to licensing contact J.Terry Lynch, fax (301) 869-2751, or to NIST, TechnologyDevelopment and Small Business Program, Building 221,Room B-256, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.

Pat. App. # Inventor(s) NIST Docket #Filing Date

Enhanced Separation of Nucleic Acids 07/886,289D. Reeder, et al. 90-01405/21/92

To separate polynucleotides of polypeptides of varied chainlengths, electrophoretic processes sharpen sample componentzones, produce maximum resolution of separatemacromolecules, by modifying electrophoretic gel matrix.

Nucleic-Acid Intercalating Compounds 07/796,391H. Weetall 91-02111/21/91

Detection of organic DNA or potential carcinogenicintercalating agents, by application of evanescent wavetechnology.

Enzyme Assay by Light-Scattering 07/879,891 H.Weetall, et al. 92-01105/19/92

Substrate-coated colloidal particles, preferably polymeric,diluted in enzyme to be assayed, undergo change, which ismonitored by light-scattering techniques.

Liposome Immuno-Analysis 07/917,426 A. Plant, et al. 92-05407/23/92

"Flow-Injection Immuno-Analysis" developed at NISTmeasures tumor-growth hormone byproduct, to identify high-risk breast-cancer individuals. Also measures chemical, viral,bacterial or environmental pollutants in blood, soil, rainwater,etc.


A new Department of Energy grant program to fund genomemapping and sequencing of microbes with potential energy orenvironmental applications has $3 million available forcooperative R&D agreements (CRADAs) with universities,companies or laboratories.For information call Jay Grimes at (301) 903-4183.


Today, March 22, is the deadline for submitting grantproposals to the USDA's Cooperative State Research Service(CSRS) on the safety of introducing genetically modifiedplants, animals, and microorganisms into the environment.For information call David MacKenzie or Ann Lichens-Parkat (202) 401-4892

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