Phytopharmaceuticals Inc. will supply its plant extracts andcompounds to Macronex Inc. under an collaborative agreementto be announced today.

Macronex will use its bioassay technology to evaluate the effectof the compounds on human macrophages. Macronex'sscreening programs show whether a compound modulatesvarious functions of the macrophage, a type of white blood cellthat initiates and regulates immune system responses.

Phytopharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Escagenetics Corp.(ASE:ESN), said that once plant extracts with selected activityare found, it will isolate, identify and characterize thepromising compounds, which will then be optimized bymedicinal chemistry and/or plant cell propagation.

Last week Phytopharmaceuticals announced an agreement withPanlabs Inc., under which Panlabs will screen its plant extractsfor discovery of lead drug compounds.

Macronex is conducting preclinical tests of peptides that haveshown anti-inflammatory activity.

Macronex of Morrisville, N.C., recently signed a researchagreement with Boron Biologicals Inc. (see BioWorld, Oct. 7).Boron's products will be tested in Macronex's screening systemand Macronex's peptides will be tested in combination withboron. -- Brenda Sandburg

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