Somatix Therapy Corp. announced Monday an agreement tolicense MAGE-1 gene technology from the Ludwig Institute forCancer Research.

MAGE-1 is part of a family of proteins that can serve as targetsfor attack by cells of the immune system. MAGE proteins aresome of a few known tumor markers expressed by a variety ofcancer types that can be recognized by cells of the humanimmune system. Somatix of Alameda, Calif., will evaluate theutility of MAGE-related products as cancer therapeutics as wellas their potential to complement Somatix's GVAX cancertherapeutic.

The agreement provides Somatix with exclusive rights tolicense the MAGE technology with respect to productscombining MAGE technology and the company's(NASDAQ:SOMA) gene therapy technology. In return, Ludwigwill receive payments in support of ongoing related research.

The agreement also formalizes an existing researchcollaboration between the Ludwig scientist responsible for thediscovery of MAGE, Thierry Boon, Somatix founder RichardMulligan, and Somatix Therapy Corp.

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