Collaborative Research Inc. announced Friday that it has beenawarded two Phase I small business innovation research (SBIR)grants to develop two different aspects of its large-scale,computer-assisted genome sequencing technology.

One award, worth $50,000, is from the National Center forHuman Genome Research. It is targeted for the development ofa general purpose sequence assembly algorithm andcorresponding software to address the bio-informaticsproblems associated with sequencing large sections of genomicDNA.

The second SBIR, for $75,000, came from the Department ofEnergy. That award is for the development of an extremelysensitive, non-radioactive binary detection system which willsignificantly increase the speed and reduce the cost of large-scale genome sequencing.

Both awards will supplement Collaborative's (NASDAQ:CRIC)efforts to complete the rapid, large-scale sequencing of theentire genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the pathogenresponsible for tuberculosis. The information generated by theWaltham, Mass. company will be used to identify gene targetsfor therapeutics and vaccines.

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