Privately held AntiCancer Inc. announced that it has signed anagreement with Mitsubishi Co. for the Japanese company tomarket AntiCancer's MetaMouse animal models of humancancer in Japan.

Researchers at AntiCancer of San Diego, in collaboration withscientists from the school of medicine at Keio University inTokyo, produced the mouse models by transplanting intacttumor tissue from humans into the corresponding organs inimmunodeficient mice, where the transplanted tissue behavesin a similar fashion.

"With the MetaMouse models it is now possible to have apatient-like clinical model for each type of cancer to evaluateand develop new cancer drugs," said Tetsuro Kubota, head ofthe clinical research team at Keio University.

AntiCancer has developed versions of its MetaMouse forcancers of the colon, pancreas, breast, prostate, lung, bladder,stomach, ovaries, head and neck. -- Jennifer Van Brunt

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