Cell Therapeutics Inc. (CTI) announced late Tuesday that it hasfiled two investigational new drug (IND) applications in Canadato begin Phase I clinical trials on CT-1501R, its drug therapyfor limiting the toxic side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

The INDs address different dosage forms of the compound (oraland injectable).

CTI's drug CT-1501R, a second-generation product, is ametabolite of the small synthetic organic moleculepentoxifylline (a drug for vascular diseases). It is thought tointerfere with the intracellular signal transduction pathway(the Bursten Pathway), which contributes to abnormal cellconditions, including tumor growth, acute inflammation andimmune dysfunction.

The privately held Seattle company is already conducting fourU.S.-based Phase I trials assessing CT-1501R in patientsreceiving bone marrow transplants, high dose chemotherapyfor solid tumors and interleukin-2 for renal cell carcinoma ormelanoma.

"We're extending those trials into Canada for oncologyapplications," said James Bianco, CTI's chief executive officer.

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