Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Tuesday that it has beenissued a U.S. patent for the composition and use of squalamineas a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Scientists believe that squalamine, an aminoterol antibiotic firstisolated from tissues of the dogfish shark, represents a newclass of antibiotic agent. It has shown activity against bacteria,fungi and protozoa, said Magainin (NASDAQ:MAGN) ofPlymouth Meeting, Pa.

Company scientists believe that squalamine, a member of thesteroid chemical class, has potential to be developed as anorally administered systemic anti-infective.

The patent, No. 5,192,756, was issued to Michael Zasloff,executive vice president of Magainin and president of theMagainin Research Institute, and his colleagues Karen Mooreand Suzanne Wehrli.

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