Cortecs International Ltd. said its anti-cancer drug deliverysystem has shown results against drug-resistant tumors.

Cortecs (NASDAQ:DLVRY) of London had Bath Analytical conductex-vivo studies on fresh isolated cells from 36 patients at theRoyal United Hospital in Bath, England. Bath Analytical is areference center that measures sensitivity to anti-cancerdrugs of cultured fresh leukemia and lymphoma cells obtainedfrom patients before chemotherapy.

The patients' cells were treated with an oncholab formulationof vincristine in low-density lipoprotein, a natural carrierparticle for cholesterol that internalizes the drug within thecell.

The formulation was up to 20 times more active thanconventional vincristine in patients with chronic lymphocyticleukemia, acute myeloid leukemia or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.Cortecs is preparing results for publication, and investigationsare continuing.

Cortecs planned to start a Phase II/III study this year in theUnited Kingdom, and has applied for an additional patent on theoncholab system for enhanced activity against cancer cells andmanagement of patients with tumors resistant to cytotoxicdrugs.

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