ProCyte Corp said Wednesday that its investigational wound-healing drug, PC1020, showed "statistically significant" healingof chronic wounds of diabetic patients during a placebo-controlled Phase II trial.

The Kirkland, Wash., company said that this is the firstmulticenter Phase II study to show significant drug-initiatedhealing in diabetic ulcers.

In the study, 82 diabetic patients with chronic ulcers on theirlower legs and feet received either the drug, trade namedIamin, or a placebo, ProCyte said.

Iamin, a peptide-copper compound, has been shown to inducethe body's normal tissue repair and healing processes bytriggering key cells that cause a cascade of natural healingevents to occur, the company said.

ProCyte declined to specify data of the trial pending publicationin a scientific journal and is discussing further trials.

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