Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. has filed for approval to marketits PHOTOFRIN porfimer sodium treatment for lung, bladderand esophageal cancer in Denmark and Belgium.

"Similar submissions will be filed in 13 other Europeancountries over the next few months," said William Foran,president and chief executive officer.

Quadra Logic (NASDAQ:QLTIF) filed for market approval inCanada in late 1989, and it will submit Phase III clinical datathere next week. The Vancouver, British Columbia, companyalso will file this summer for Japanese approval for lung,bladder, esophageal, cervical dysplasia and gastric cancer, andin the U.S. for esophageal cancer later this year, saidspokesman David Main.

PHOTOFRIN, which preferentially accumulates in tumors, wouldbe used in a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).The treatment activates the drug by illuminating it with a laserthat is channeled down a fiber optic probe, causing PHOTOFRINto generate a toxic substance that destroys the cancer cells.

There are about 600,000 lung, bladder and esophageal cancersurgery or radiation treatments worldwide annually, about240,000 of which are in Europe. PDT could be used inconjunction with or in place of 10 percent to 40 percent ofthese procedures within about three years, Main said.

PDT is being jointly developed with American Cyanamid Co.Each company will pay for half of the development costs.Quadra Logic is responsible for manufacturing and third-partyroyalties, and American Cyanamid is responsible for allmarketing and distribution costs. Quadra Logic will receiveabout 32.5 percent of gross revenues.

Quadra Logic stock gained 50 cents to $7.63. -- Kris Herbst

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