CytRx Corp. on Tuesday said it has filed an investigational newdrug application for TherMax Gel, a topical product for severeburns that is intended to help wound remodeling by promotingwound closure and inhibiting inflammation and pain.

TherMax uses polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylenepolymers packaged as a "thermo-reversible" liquid carrier thatbecomes a gel when applied to warm skin. It containsmucopolysaccharide as the active ingredient. "In addition toacting like a barrier dressing, we think it will contribute toaccelerated wound healing with less scar tissue," said MartinEmanuele, vice president for development.

CytRx (NASDAQ:CYTR) eventually hopes to market TherMax formore chronic wounds, such as bedsores and chronic ulcers, hesaid.

The Norcross, Ga., company is about to begin Phase II trials ofits Rheothrx, which is based on the same copolymer asTherMax. But Rheothrx is an intravascular agent for treatingheart attacks, strokes and sickle cell anemia. BurroughsWellcome has exclusive worldwide rights to Rheothrx.

The stock gained 50 cents to $10.38.

-- Kris Herbst BioWorld Washington Bureau

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